Recording The Beatles

Recording The Beatles

Wow. This is quite a book.

When Paranorm, Alan, and I went to see The Family Stone in Anaheim, we bumped into Brian Kehew, who in addition to lucking into playing keyboards with The Who (!) spent eight years of his life painstakingly chronicling the recording techniques used to record each of the Beatles records into an incredible, collectible book which is now the only thing on my shelf that rivals the Case Study Houses book in terms of weight.

It’s absolutely amazing. If such a thing is of any interest to you it’s well worth the $100.

Thanks Alan for the intro and the recommend.



  1. steve rush wrote:

    Along the vein of this $100 monster… I recently read “Here, There and Everywhere” by Geoff Emerick. It’s good stuff, surprisingly touching at the end. Emerick was the main engineer during the best days of the Beatles and very much the man behind some of their sounds. He would take an abstract desire by Lennon and make it a reality.

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