Ninja, Kickflipping Cats

Sorry I haven’t posted since my now-infamous pro-context diatribe. It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m trying to cut down to just one job, but it’s going to take me a little while still it appears.

It’s been a time of non-stop shows. I’ve seen Eagles, Dixie Chicks, a Hank Williams Jr. tribute with Kid Rock, Buddy Guy, Toby Keith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and a bunch of other folks, John Doe (at McCabe’s!), Tegan and Sara, Shelby Lynne, and Danzig (on Halloween no less). Varied, funny couple of weeks, culminating with Doyle joining Danzig on stage for four Misfits songs on Halloween night. It was a bit surreal to drive to see Danzig with an MC (Paranorm), DJ (DJ Destroy), and Amy Stevens from KROQ, listening to a hip hop mix tape the whole way to/from… That night I learned that I really don’t know any Danzig songs, but I absolutely know every word to every single Misfits song.

Now I’m in NYC, Lucinda is sleeping, Julie is with her sister, Zoe is in Boston visiting Ethan, and it’s me some headphones (Z-Trip and Lateef on at the moment) in a room in the Hotel London on 55th street.

I have a few longer posts I’ve been whittling away at, but I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve been enjoying lately since I have no idea when I’ll get the time to finish those up…

Firstly, Greg Shewchuk sent me this excellent animated short featuring a skateboarding cat and brick. Yes, that’s a brick that can pull kickflips on vert. Don’t miss this, it’s the future of entertainment:

Kleeman and Mike

That cat’s got skills.

On another note, as anyone who’s been following my Facebook status knows, I spent all of last weekend with the new AC/DC 3-DVD set, “Plug Me In”. What’s funny is that I found out about it from a banner add on my page. Was I a victim of targeted marketing? The banner clicked through to Sony’s site, but I jumped over to Amazon and clicked buy. Upon arrival I fired up Handbrake and made it watchable on my Nano.


Anyway, it rules. Well, let me be more specific, Bon Scott rules. Even though I was the kid who sat alone on a stump every recess period in second grade with a little Panasonic tape recorder listening to High Voltage, I’d never seen much live footage of Bon. He was rock n roll at its finest, a guy who could have just been the old dude hanging around the high school picking up underage girls but instead found a rock band he could lead and lived his dreams (until he didn’t anymore). There was a lot of magic in that early band.

They were blues++, but also had the notion that they should *entertain*, and they did in their own funny way, Angus constantly shaking his head with his little school boy backpack on, until he undresses and moons the crowd. That’s actually the worst part of the set, watching skinny little Angus strip multiple times. Might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s not too tantalizing in 2007.

No offense to the guy, but it’s difficult to transition right from Bon into ol’ BJ. It’s hard to believe post-Bon Scott AC/DC couldn’t have done better than Brian Johnson. Sure, Back In Black was hot, For Those About to Rock was pretty good, Flick of the Switch didn’t completely suck, but starting with Fly On The Wall Brian led them into mediocrity. The only post-Bon footage that I could really sit through was the stuff from ’83. That was the Flick of the Switch tour and the same tour I caught them on at the age of 11 at the Notre Dame ACC (thanks, mom! maybe if we’re lucky mom will post the photo of me at age 11 in an AC/DC headband in the cheap seats. it’s mad embarrassing.).

Anyway, if you have any love for early AC/DC then this set is worth the thirty bucks. And if you don’t, well, I dunno what to say to you. You must not like rock music or just have never put in the time with Powerage or side two of High Voltage, which is a fuckin’ shame and I’m sorry. There’s still time!

Quick funny story. I get an out-of-nowhere phone call in my Grand Royal office one day around 2000. I answer, and it’s my friend Josh Blum on speaker phone. “Hey Ian,” he says, “who is the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time?” Without hesitating I say, “Malcolm Young.” “Thanks,” he says, and hangs up. Guess he had to settle a bet or something. Funny part is he and I had never discussed Malcolm’s “solos get in the way of my drinking” style, but I appreciated that he knew he could count on me for the correct answer.

Oh one more note. There’s a new Ween record! Not my favorite wEEn record of all time by a long shot but if you want to buy the two tracks which are classic Weenicity pick up The Object and My Party. The former is a sweet but evil tune featuring some of their melodic cleverness and the latter is a Sanborn-inspired plush carpet wife-swapping party ditty. Enjoy!

OK, time to call the front desk and see if we can change to a room which doesn’t have a “the building is falling down” noise every ten minutes. What could that be? Radiator? Hrm…


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  1. Josh Blum wrote:

    I’m just glad you didn’t tell the story of the time that I called you to tell you I accidentaly locked myself in the bathroom for 8 hours.

    That said, Malcom rules!!!

  2. raihan wrote:

    That is one good album (“Ahead of the Curve”)!

    And Malcom Young owns, too.

    (I just felt compelled to post because Z-Trip is my hero.)

  3. David Gratton wrote:

    Highway to Hell was the 3rd or 4th album I ever bought when it came out. I bought it again as an 8 track (I can explain!).

    When Bon died, I thought they were done. Then Back and Black blew me a way. Still one of my all time favourites. However, For Those About to Rock was the last album I bought from BJ lead AC/DC. I actually went back in time and bought Dirty Deeds and High Voltage after that.

    However, my all time favourite song from AC/DC is (Don’t laugh) Thunderstruck. (It’s All Angus.) Though I will always wonder how it would have sounded with Bon singing as I think it was written for his voice.

  4. Steve Senes wrote:

    Man, your reaction to Plug Me In is identical to mine! The BJ era stuff is almost painful to watch (sometimes IS painful). The early, Bon Scott era footage is the essence of Rock N Roll. Even the first few cuts which are obviously lip synced (Bon flubbing the sync in one part is priceless). And Bon rocking out with those bagpipes! What a treat. And did you catch where Angus breaks a string, comes over to his tech who changes the string while Angus continues to play? Man, it doesn’t get any better than that!

    My first concert (well, except for two Osmond brothers shows I was dragged to – whole different story) was Kiss in ’77, with AC/DC as the opener. Even at the tender age of 7, I was blown away, and have vivid memories of them, including thinking Angus must have had an incredibly long guitar cable when Bon carried him around the entire floor section of the arena on his shoulders. Incidentally, the Kiss footage from that same night is on Kissology Vol 1 as the Bonus DVD (Largo MD, December 1977). Magic night that was!

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