I’ll Post Since Glen Won’t

Glen E. Friedman superpost!

Glen in NYC

A few weeks ago photographer, idealist, and all around amazing guy Glen E. Friedman sent me an audio file of him being interviewed by Ian Svenonius at the Independent & Small Press Book Fair, at the Center for Independent Publishing in New York City.

Glen E. FriedmanGlen E. Friedman and Ian Svenonius Interview

And (unrelated) Friday night Glen IM’d me these amazing, unpublished skate shots (one of Cab, two of Lance):




If you don’t already have them, buy Glen’s books. You should own them all, in this order of priority (IMHO):
Fuck You Heroes
The Idealist
Fuck You Too
Dogtown: Legend of the Z Boys
Keep Your Eyes Open: The Fugazi Photographs

Then, late Friday Glen sent the following email and video:

yeah, this was the first video for Boogie Down Productions
in case you never saw it : THE BRIDGE IS OVER;
this was shot at a club I went to a few times
on the north west corner of union square
where there is now a “PETCO” store
the place closed down before the 80’s were over,
it was notorious for hip hop and gun slinging from 86-87.
cool video gives you a taste of the rockin’ fun

A bit random, I know, but great stuff, too great not to share. I tried to tell Glen that he needs a blog, but he said that’s what he has me and (sexy geek) Sean Bonner for. So by posting this, I’m just doing my job.


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