Platinum Workout Update

LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

Hi Cris,

Was just preparing for tomorrow’s Platinum Workout and realized I owe you an update.

I’m just about to start week 5 in the book, which puts me one week away from starting the “Silver Body” phase. I’ve taken my time on the first 4 weeks, did most of them twice. I was sick, traveling, etc. Didn’t want to take any shortcuts. I think I might be ready to move on to BAD from Radio, too. Actually, truth be told I’ve been listening to Mash Out Posse, Metallica, and King Khan and The Shrines in the gym these days.

I’ve gained a pound.

I’ve switched up my diet quite a bit. I’ll spare you the details but will answer the question I know you’d ask first: I’m way under-quota on eggs but probably over quota on chocolate milk and protein shakes.

How’s your LL-led physique makeover coming? Or have you not been able to get the book back from Catherine yet?

For everyone other than Cris: yes, it’s a joke. One that I’m actually doing. Probably not for much longer. I’ll keep you updated.

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UPDATE: Cris responds.

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  1. cristobal wrote:

    Good job on the diet.

    Though I like the twitter stream better –

    # Omg. Now I know why the papusas @ gloria’s seem fried. They *are* fried. In cheese grease! about 21 hours ago

  2. Luke Archer wrote:

    Get the Taebo “Boot Camp” if you want to see instant results. It kicked my ass right back into shape. We are the same age, and you probably also experienced the 35th year metabolism change…but seriously 4 weeks of this and your 19 again.

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