Dave Allen on Social Marketing


Dave Allen, former member of Gang Of Four and current Director Insights and Digital Media at Nemo Design contributed a great stream of consciousness essay on social media, blogs, and advertising to Nemo’s corp blog, Social Cache. Its only crime is that it combines many ideas into one post. Namely:

1) Social networking is not about technology, it’s about people and their gravitational pull toward one another.

2) Transactional business of commodity goods driven by buckshot marketing is going to get hard and harder (due to attention scarcity) and building trust-based connections with your customers is going to become more and more important.

3) #2 is going to be easier for new companies than incumbents.

4) “Viral” != “Value”. I’d argue viral is a side-effect of “Quality” (or as Jonathan Strauss would say, “Tier 1 to me”.

5) Corporate blogs are tricky but important (ours launches on Friday, at long last).

Still, I find myself agreeing with the bulk of his observations.


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