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I’ve heard the cliche that my generation would eventually run the country repeatedly throughout my life. Tonight it actually feels like it came true. Instead of a well-connected elderly white war vet our country elected a well educated mixed-race midwesterner. Why? Well, partially because George Bush is the Worst President Ever (TM) but that wasn’t enough to get John Kerry elected (and JK is white), Barack Obama won because he he is an idealist and inspired a nation desperate for someone to believe in again.

I’m not a registered Democrat. I voted Nader eight years ago because I believe it’s my civic duty to vote not based on party but for the candidate whose positions most mirror mine. I didn’t grow up knowing what party my family was (my parents views mirror mine for the most part but my grandparents were/are Republicans). I’ve always been a “throw rocks at both sides” kinda guy and my friends were too. But we subversives came out in force for Obama this election. Those Shepard Fairey posters were a sign of people usually more interested in election reform than the Democratic candidate actually being inspired by a political candidate for the first time in their lives. This is real.

I’m more proud to be an American now than at any point in my 36 years on earth. For me personally Obama or McCain meant feeling a connection to the country I’ve grown up in or really believing hope was lost and our country had been eaten by moralists, fear-mongers, and big business. It’s good to know I’m not alone, that others share the hope of a caring, thinking, feeling diverse America. We have shown the world the American dream is still alive and is still something to covet. Ironically, this is the freedom others used to look up to America for. As Barack said in tonight’s victory speech:

“…from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.”

Now lets get to work. I’m game for Barack’s challenge to get us all working for the good of the nation again instead of strictly going for self. Where do we start?

Chi-city represent:

As of this writing, my (and Axl’s) home state of Indiana has still not yet been called. I did offer to buy a Dr Pepper for every Hoosier if it goes blue, and it looks like I might owe some folks some delicious prune refreshment. Lets check back in the morning to see.


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  1. mary chen wrote:

    you owe some folks some delicious prune refreshment.

  2. Kip Granson wrote:

    I look forward to my free delicious refreshment. You can tweet me my free beverage… kgranson.

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