What Does America Have to Offer You Now, Morrissey?

From my favorite Morrssey album:

“But where the president is never black, female, or gay / and until that day / you’ve got nothing to say to me / to help me believe”

If you missed it, buy it now. Seriously. It’s great. I actually just bought that deluxe MP3 edition myself because it wasn’t expensive and I don’t have most of those b-sides.

The last place I saw Morrissey was at the Sly and The Family Stone show at the House of Blues on Sunset. If I saw him now, I’d ask him what his adopted country, America, has to offer him now.



  1. melanie wrote:

    If he came out and wanted to marry he’d have to do that in England, as of last night :(

  2. Gonzalo wrote:

    Good question. I supose He is surprised like most people in the World… I’m in México, and very shocked!… Wathever, I love Morrissey… Best for you, friend.

  3. Denise wrote:

    Yeah until November 4th 2008 the words he said in his song are right. And we still have yet for the President to be female or gay. I can see us having a female President before a gay one. I mean States will not even allow gay marriage. Still alot of work to be done before all people accept gay or bi people.
    Oh and Why should Morrissey come out when if anyone’s been paying attention it’s obvious he’s attracted to men and women.

  4. Travis Keller wrote:

    I was there at SLY…. it was rad, we waited like an hour or so and then as soon as MOZ left… five minutes later SLY came on.

  5. Paul McDonald wrote:

    great album but doesnt touch Southpaw Grammar imho…

  6. katie jo wrote:

    This video is true. It tells how the world really is.

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