A $1000 12″, Videos, and Joey Crack – The Get Busy Committee Update

Get Busy Committee

As you may have already read, I started managing a band called Get Busy Committee late last year and I’ve been trying to find time to blog about the experience. Things have been going incredibly well and I have a couple more blog posts waiting in the wings but I’ve been busy in my (all day every) day job, even through the holiday, and haven’t had time to crank them out. I’m in transit at the moment and don’t have time to be my usual wordy self (I’m sure you’re thankful for that) but something so surprising happened I had to take a moment and write about it — we offered a $1000 12″ vinyl record via Kickstarter and someone bought it in less than 24 hours!

More about that in a moment, first a brief update on what’s been going on with Get Busy Committee:

We are nearly SOLD OUT of the first 1200 Uzi Flash Drives. Wow. We’re going to re-order, though, as we’d like to continue selling these through the end of 2010. A few retail orders have come in and I’d love to see more of those. Wouldn’t these look great on the wall at Urban Outfitters? Come on, someone know the buyer there?

DJ Cheapshot made a killer Get Busy Committee mix tape. GBC plus Bjork and The Cure?! OK yes plz. Stream or download free right herrrrre:

Get Busy Committee Video Shoot Matt Lenski

Get Busy Committee shot a video with director Matt Lenski in Brooklyn. It’s been in post-production with our friends at The Lifelong Friendship Society for a few weeks. We’re looking at a rough cut tomorrow and hope to have it everywhere by Valentine’s Day, including a way for you to dedicate the song to those former loves you are now free from.

Get Busy Committee I Don't Care About You Video

Believe it or not both college and commercial radio is telling us they love “I Don’t Care About You”. We’re definitely seeing where that thread leads (without losing our shirts in the process — easier said than done) and I’ll report back on how that goes ex post facto.

Get Busy Committee’s Apathy finished a SOLD OUT solo tour (with Army of The Pharoahs) in Europe in support of his album, Wanna Snuggle?!.

Now that Apathy is back in the US he has a couple of east coast shows then we get him back here in LA for rehearsals for the Get Busy Committee’s live assault, starting at SXSW in Austin in March. See you there!

Remixes are rolling in left/right and some are accumulating at the SoundCloud page. Thanks to DJ Cheapshot for pulling these together. The HavocNdeeD remix is getting a lot of play:

Get Busy Committee – I Dont Care About You (HavocNdeeD RemiX)  by  getbusycommittee

DJs and producers, the acapella tracks are right here and they’re free. Come and grab ’em, and submit your remix via Soundcloud. We’ll feature it!

Get Busy Committee’s very own Scoop Deville has had a track in the top 10 for all of 2010, Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock”.

Not only that, the track he produced for Fat Joe and Young Jeezy, “Ha Ha” is getting written up everywhere you turn.

Congrats, Scoop!

Scoop Deville MTV Mixtape

Check out MTV’s interview with Scoop here.

Thanks to our friends at INgrooves we’ve been featured at iTunes, Amazon (still on the 50 for $5 list this month), Lala, ThinkIndie, Amie Street, etc. Thanks to INgrooves and all the digital retailers for the support. Keep it comin! Things are just starting to heat up…

Get Busy Committee Platinum Plaque

But the news that caused me to (first, fall out of my chair, then) write this blog post came Wednesday, less than 24 hours after I posted this Kickstarter project.

We decided we wanted to press some 12″ vinyl, but only if people were excited about it. We thought people would appreciate it more if it was ultra-collectible, numbered, limited edition, picture-disc. We love Kickstarter and wanted to test it out for ourselves.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a site where you can post projects which need funding, then ask the people of the Internet to help you out. People pledge at whatever level they’d like, and you can offer different premiums for different pledge levels. If you reach your goal, the project is funded and they disburse the money. If you don’t reach your goal then no one is charged, it’s just, thanks, try again later.

We priced out the vinyl we wanted from the good folks at Erika Records, one of the finest custom vinyl shops in the US. The purchase order came to $3,218.18. So we started a project to fund $3,218.18 and offered a few premiums:

  1. For $5 you’ll get a digital copy of the album
  2. For $18 we’ll ship the vinyl to you anywhere in the world, plus a digital copy
  3. For $28 you get one of the first 200 numbered pieces of vinyl plus a digital copy
  4. For $50 you get one of the first 100 numbered pieces of vinyl, a digital copy of the album, and a thank you phone call from Get Busy Committee.
  5. And for $1000 Get Busy Committee will write/record a song ABOUT YOU which will go on the 12″, you’ll receive copies #1 and #2 of the run with #1 in a platinum plaque.

I published this project on Kickstarter at about 11pm on a Tuesday night, sent an email to the Get Busy Committee fan list, then had a hard time going to sleep after. I was laying there contemplating the ethics of my buying the platinum plaque myself in the final days of the project. Imagine my surprise the next day when I checked the site at 2pm and saw someone had pledged the $1000 needed to pick up the plaque. I actually emailed Kickstarter’s CEO, Andy Baio, and asked if there was some sort of bug. “Nope,” he said. “Someone bought it.”


But we’re not out of the woods yet. We have 66 days to raise another $1500 on Kickstarter or we get $0. Please head over now and pledge any amount to help us reach our goal. A contribution and a re-tweet is very sincerely appreciated.

We’re working on a ton of stuff right now. I’ll try to find more time to post more updates but please forgive me if I don’t — this space is frankly the last one I fill after working on Topspin, Get Busy Committee, family, etc. If I don’t post here it’s because I’m too busy doing actual work. But I’ll try to find time to throw together at least short updates.

I fielded some criticism early last week for my lack of posting on this topic. The thought was that I wasn’t delivering on my initial hype and that things must be going badly because I was silent. Hopefully the above dispels the notion that things are going badly. But also, this record was just released at the beginning of November. We had ZERO fans just three months ago, the band didn’t even exist until then. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Get Busy Committee hasn’t even played a live show since the record came out yet. It’s waaaaay too early for a post-mortem. Financially we’re doing slightly better than break-even at the moment, which means no one is making a bunch of money but we aren’t losing money, either. Given how early it is you could take that and say we probably aren’t spending enough, but we don’t have deep pockets and are trying to keep pace with our spending all along the way. The plan for us is to keep growing the fan base, keep getting the music to more and more people, and keep promoting this album until we lose momentum. We’re not sure when that will be but it’s clear we’re nowhere close to it now, as you can see from the above. And the band is already half-way through work on the next album. This train will keep rolling for a few years, I hope.

Thanks for the continued interest and support. If anyone has ideas of opportunities we’re missing please leave us a comment or drop a line.



  1. Scott wrote:

    You received criticism for silence on GBC? Hard to believe 😉

  2. Jose/Shortround/Filp wrote:

    Hey Ian, Jose here Dj Shortround formerly Dj Flip from the old Bloomington days. I'm really digging GBC. Good combo of backpack and gangsta with just enough misogyny mixed in. kind of how hip hop used to be. nice work. Keep us up to date if GBC ever comes to Seattle.

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