Run It Off, SXSW

I know SXSW is supposed to be fun, but truth be told it’s mostly work for me. Last year the only music I managed to see (apart from GBC) was two songs from one band (the band was Twin Sister and I went on Yancey‘s recommend, and he was right, they were great). SXSW is demos, dinners, and meetings. Someday I will go for the music.

I’ve managed to stay sane and productive the last two years by staying sober (not my usual state for 7 straight days) and running a bit. This year I decided to see if there was a SXSW running group and sure enough, I found one on Facebook. Looks like it only goes through Interactive, though. Anyone want to keep it burning through Music with me?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Wednesday: 5 miles a little harder, maybe tempo run
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run, 9-10 miles

Anyone want in? We’ll meet where the Facebook group does: Outside the Susanna Dickinson House, which is near the convention center at 5th and Trinity. Here’s a map: (the giant structure south of it is the Convention Center).

See ya there.



  1. @stnic wrote:

    Obviously, I am IN. Great call Ian! :)

  2. @spinclair wrote:

    cool. sxsw running group. 8am? check it @mignano @ryanTgarner

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