Sonos CEO John MacFarlane on This Week In Music

You need Sonos. Sonos + your iPhone or iPad + the subscription service of your choice = LOVE. If you haven’t experienced this first-hand yet you’re missing out. It will change your music listening habits. Don’t front. Grab one of the great-sounding new Sonos Play:3s or go crazy with a full Sonos system for your house. If you really want to give the gift of music this holiday, give someone a Sonos and a year’s subscription to one of MOG, Spotify, Rdio, or Rhapsody. No, I don’t work for Sonos, I’m not an investor or an advisor. I just love the product. I’m listening to Red House Painters via MOG/Sonos as I type this now.

When I went to Santa Barabara for the New Noise conference I dropped by the Sonos offices to get a look at the newest of the new. Sonos CEO John MacFarlane was kind enough to sit down and talk about the history and business of Sonos with us for a bit. Click above to watch.

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  1. alysha wrote:

    I *love* my Sonos, too. We have a Connect and are planning to get a few more when we move to our new place next month.

    Dealing with all of the music files we have (and don’t have) between both of our computers, the NAS where most of is stored, MOG, etc. is a giant pain in the butt, and the Sonos makes it really easy.

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