19 and Pain-Free — 3 Weeks to LA Marathon!


This morning I ran further than I’ve run since finishing the Honolulu Marathon in 2002, just over 19 miles in 18 rounds of run one mile / walk one minute. Big ups to five year-old Lucinda who patiently sat in the stroller for all two hours and forty-five minutes and to my new friend Scott for running along, chatting, pushing the pace, and generally making the whole thing seem like it was half as long as it was. Killer way to burn twenty-two hundred calories in just under three hours.

Next weekend the three of us will do it again but slightly longer, 20 rounds of the same instead of 18. After that it’s a week at SXSW immediately followed by an early morning cab ride downtown to the starting line of the LA Marathon with the lovely and talented Nicole St. Jean. I’m stoked. I wish the marathon was tomorrow.

Most exciting is to complete the above-mentioned with no pain in my left knee. It was just a few weeks ago I couldn’t run the day after a 16-mile outing. Between increased mileage, new shoes, new trails, and running tights that affected how my knee tracked I’m not certain what the cocktail of cause was, but rest, slow mileage rebuild, swimming instead of running two days per week no tights, and glute exercises have me back on track. The long run today felt great all the way to the end and the encouragement equals crazy stoke. KNOCK WOOD (KNOCK KNOCK) cuz anything can still happen, of course.

Also, I’m two weeks into Crossfit LA’s Whole Life Challenge, which means daily exercise and a diet lacking grains, sugar, dairy, soy, processed food of any kind, and alcohol. I’m not getting all my points every day but I’m not losing them for bad habits, either; I’m mostly compliant. Two weeks back I actually made my own Gu from mashed sweet potato for the long run but after reading (the excellent and highly recommended) Paleo for Athletes book and wanting to approximate my race-day diet as closely as possible I’m back on the Gu-brand Gu and Endurox recovery drink again. I’m also cheating with Deep 30 protein powder on strength training days, but these performance-related cheats don’t seem nearly as bad as a host of other ways I could be losing points on this “challenge”/game. Overall I’m really enjoying the challenge. I think I’ll keep grains, sugar, and dairy out of my diet long-term save the occasional beer, wine or dessert treat. No need to have those on the regular and I’m definitely feeling better without them.

Thanks everyone for supporting Pablove in celebration of my self-abuse. I really appreciate all who contributed to getting me over my fundraising goal of $2,012. I’ve dropped into 6th place in the overall standings, though, so if you haven’t donated yet, please do! I’m gonna run this damn thing!

Finally, if you’re headed to SXSW this year please join this group and run with the SXSW run club. You will be glad you did. I won’t make it out every day as I’ll be tapering for the marathon but I will certainly make it out a couple of the days and there will be a small group every day. We did this last year and it was a great group of people.



  1. nicole wrote:

    Aw. Thank you Ian! I don’t think I’ve managed to fit in enough training to have an amazing race in terms of finishing time but I’m really excited for it anyway. And nervous.

    Happy to be sharing a cab with you to the start and celebrating with you sometime when we’re done!

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