Mark Ronson, Coca-Cola & more on This Week In Music

Thanks sincerely to everyone for the great feedback on This Week In Music. At SF Musictech on Monday a woman approached me and said, “I’m Japanese and I wouldn’t be here at SF Musictech if it weren’t for This Week In Music. I watch every show and find them inspiring. I just wanted to say thank you.” Wow. Thank YOU for the encouragement. It’s feedback like this that makes it worth doing. Thanks sincerely to everyone for watching and supporting. The best way you can support is to spread the word by tweeting, posting to Facebook, G+, etc. Thanks.

After not missing a week for 26 straight weeks (that’s half a year!) I missed a couple in a row. Damn. Sorry about that. I’ve been insanely busy in both work and personal life and our producer Will has been busy, too, so we didn’t manage to get any tapings scheduled. BUT we have a LOT of great tapings coming up and we should be able to get the episodes going regularly again starting week after next. w00t!

The fine folks at MIDEM were kind enough to let us use the footage of my interview with Wendy Clark from Coca-Cola and Mark Ronson from MIDEM’s Visionary Monday a couple weeks back. You can watch that episode right here:

A few more I haven’t blogged about yet…

I chatted with manager of The Doors, Janis Joplin, Peter Tosh, and more, Jeff Jampol:

President of Rhapsody Jon Irwin:

Co-founder of Soundtracking and iMeem Steve Jang:

We talked about music and activism with Erin Potts, who has worked with Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, R.E.M. and hundreds of others:

Talked to The Pixies’ manager Richard Jones about their DIY show live from The Music Box in Hollywood:

Explored the world of iTunes distribution with INgrooves’ Robb McDaniels:

And talked to the founder of new-model singles-only record label DigSin, Jay Frank:

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff since the last I blogged. What do you think? Who else would you like to see on the show?



  1. alex b wrote:

    Hey Ian!
    Loved some of the business insight shared by Jeff Castelez. Would really like to see him or maybe Emily White on for a session about modern day management.

  2. Myke Bulley wrote:

    Jon Cohen / Rob Stone or anyone from CornerStone Agency would be a great insight into a modern ad agency with deep musical roots.

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