“I’m a Vegetarian (or Vegan). Can I do the Whole Life Challenge?”


In case you missed it, we’re participating in The Whole Life Challenge again, an 8-week diet/fitness challenge that starts September 15th. I’ve heard a lot from Vegetarians and Vegans asking if they can/should participate.

The answer to both (IMHO) is yes. Crossfit LA member, Vegan, and two-time Challenge veteran Danette Rivera wrote a great post on the Whole Life Challenge site about her approach and it applies to everyone taking the challenge, not just the Vegans and Vegetarians. She captures the spirit of The Challenge and prescribes a psychologically healthy approach. The Challenge isn’t about “The Perfect” diet. It’s a restrictive diet that causes most EVERYONE to consider their existing habits relative to their desired habits and be deliberate about what you consume along with prioritizing healthy movement on a daily basis. I doubt many exit The Challenge adhering to the confines of the diet long-term. But I bet most exit having adjusted their diet and fitness habits positively, with more knowledge of what’s *in* that thing they’re buying at the market or ordering at the restaurant, and prioritizing regular exercise higher than they did previously.

No matter what your current diet is, you can participate in The Whole Life Challenge. It will be a Challenge for you, just as it will be for everyone else. And that’s the point.

I hope you’ll join us. If you’d like to, please simply join the Facebook group. Once you’re approved in the group, click “Files” inside the Facebook group. Signup instructions are there.

More to come!


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