Whole Life Challenge Returns This September, and You’re Invited

Regular readers know about the 8 week fitness program a few of us piled into earlier in the year, The Whole Life Challenge. It changed quite a few habits (for the better) for me personally and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why it worked so damn well. Bottom line: it has the ingredients needed for people to make meaningful change: It’s simple (oh, it’s HARD, just not COMPLICATED), a support community is built-in, and it keeps you accountable.

I was really excited to learn the great folks who invented and host this, Michael Stanwyck and Andy Petranek at Crossfit LA, are taking it wider, to Crossfit gyms everywhere. I’m not a Crossfit gym but I make up for that in enthusiasm 😉 so they’ve agreed to let me sign people up as if Topspin *were* a Crossfit gym.

So, if you want to change your life with 8 weeks of improved diet and fitness come September, hit me up and I’ll get you the information to get signed up under my group.

More info to come.


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