Last Chance to Sign Up, Whole Life Challenge Starts TOMORROW!

Hello from Nashville, where I had a Fage yogurt with Olive & Sinclair chocolate for dessert as my last dairy and refined sugar for the next 8 weeks! The Whole Life Challenge starts tomorrow. I hope you’re as excited as the rest of us are.

There is less than 24 hours to join. Signup ends TODAY, September 14th.

To Signup:
Go to

  1. Click Sign up now
  2. Where it asks if you’re a member of a gym, say “YES”
  3. Under “Affiliate” type and select “Topspin, Santa Monica, CA”
  4. The Whole Life Challenge costs $45 and proceeds from our team will be donated to Pablove.

If you’re already signed up:

If you have other questions, please ask in the Facebook group. It’s been incredibly lively already. We have more than 100 people just in our group and it’s a great group of folks. Join us!


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