“Strong muscles are happy muscles”, Crosstraining and Runner’s Knee

If you’ve ever in your life run with any regularity it’s likely you know the pain of Runner’s Knee, the most common of all running injuries. I had it in the spring and I just phone counseled an old friend who has the tell-tale pain on the outside of the knee as she’s piling on miles getting ready for her first half marathon.

Runner’s World posted a great video this month on Runner’s Knee. Take a read.

I’m currently adding mileage myself, and more than the recommended amount on a weekly basis. I’m taking a shot at California International Marathon in December despite being many weeks behind in my training due to an ankle sprain from an August 10K race. I’ve been doing almost-daily CrossFit, which means hardly a day goes by without squats. I’ve been doing fire-hydrants to keep my glutes strong. I’ve been stretching and foam-rolling daily. So I was encouraged to see this video, it made me feel like I’m taking the right precautions to fend off the Runner’s Knee. We shall see.

Off to foam-roll,

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