Today’s WODlist: A Tribe Called Quest, Mash Out Posse, Iron Maiden, Fugazi, Bad Brains


Brandon and Kate at Golden State Crossfit were kind enough to let me make the playlist for today’s class. Some tracks sounded better than expected, others didn’t play well in the room. In particular, sparse hip hop production a la Gasoline Dreams and Droppin’ Em sounded bangin’. Fugazi and Bad Brains are just too noisy in that room at that volume. Lesson learned. If they let me keep doing it I’ll get better at it and keep posting the playlists here. I’m also going to move them to a Spotify playlist instead of MOG since Spotify is what they use at the gym and I’m guessing more of you use Spotify than other services, eh?

I hit the 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you work out at Golden State at another time, request my playlists! If you’d like to start at Golden State let me know and I’ll snag a free weekly unlimited pass for you.

Droppin’ em,

ps – for a good wrap-up of articles and podcasts related to music and exercise, check this post from Ben Greenfield Fitness.

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