WODlist 20121015 – Angel Haze, Turbonegro, Kevin Rudolf, Dumbsteppaz

Here’s the playlist we rocked in the 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit this morning:

Spotify as-promised. This definitely worked better than last week’s playlist. Good on the warmup. We didn’t start the metcon until the Shawnna track and we were well into the thrusters by the time the Dumbsteppaz track hit, HARD. I learned Coach Jimmy likes the rock, he thumbed up the Turbonegro jam then gave a Diamond Dave yelp when the arpeggio to Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love hit.

FUN. Thanks, Brandon, for puttin’ me on.

Hit me up for a free week unlimited pass at Golden State Crossfit. They are the best.


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