WODlist 20121022: Big Boi, Kings of Leon, Black Sabbath, N.W.A.

I’ll fill in some blanks on this post later — for now here’s the playlist for tomorrow morning’s 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit. See you there.


Good playlist overall. I’m not sure how it ended up too short, I swear it was 60 minutes when I finished it last night. OH I think I know what happened! That Sabbath song is from my hard drive, not found on Spotify? Or something….

Here’s what I learned from this playlist:

Starting with something funky works. The first five minutes of class is WOD review/setup/warmup so starting slow/funky works/sounds good.

Torche sounds killer in the gym! Makes sense, I suppose.

That MC Ren track stomps and it’s fun to finish a hard WOD to a song you know all the lyrics to. Need to find more of those.

That’s it. Until next week’s playlist,

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