Bones Brigade, Future Sound, Jogathon and More – The Week In Photos

Wow. What a week. Words couldn’t do it justice. Here’s a recap in video, images and photos:

I started out last Friday at New Noise in Santa Barbara:


sitting on stage next to Mr. Chuck D himself:


Then Julie and I took six year-old Lucinda to see Saul Williams (education!):


Saturday was the first day post-Whole Life Challenge and all about the Sugar and Salt Creamery sprouted almond sorbet and the incredible dinner at Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos. Woah.

The work week was improved by a visit by Jeff Colvin then supercharged with a flurry of public announcements, starting with MTV rolling out the Artist Platform we’ve been building with them to VH1:


Then LA Times ran an incredible article outlining the campaign we’ve been working on for Stacy Peralta’s Bones Brigade documentary:


The timing of which couldn’t have been much better as Wednesday was the same day I was heading to San Francisco to co-host a screening of Bones Brigade: An Autobiography with Steve Jang and Jeffrey Kalmikoff.


We pulled the screening together in less than seven days in an effort to raise money for Mike D’s efforts to get hot food to people in Rockaway, New York post-Hurricane Sandy. Read Mike’s words on what they’re up to (and give if you’re moved) here. Steve booked Public Works as the venue (killer space) and Tommy Guerrero (SF local hero and one of the stars of the film) and Orb (“maps to the skaters homes!”) said yes to DJ’ing the evening:


and Stacy agreed to join us via Skype for a post-move Q&A session:


It was an incredibly moving evening. The place was packed (so many friends, from Rob Lord to my daughter, Zoe — THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING), standing room only, and the audience was rapt for the entire hour and forty-five minutes of the movie. No one standing by the bar talking, no fidgeting, and hoots and hollas when the film ended (especially when Rodney Mullen’s name came on the screen — if you’ve seen the movie you know why, if not buy it and watch it now from, you’ll thank me). It was a truly inspiring evening. Somewhere along the way I realized it was the lessons we learned from the movie’s subjects that gave us the gumption to host the screening — a DIY event about DIY culture, the virtuous circle. Plus we raised more than six thousand dollars for Mike’s relief efforts, more than four thousand selling advance tickets via Topspin ($4,832 for 235 means people paid on average just over $20 per ticket even though FREE was an option). I left there nearly in tears, moved and inspired.


Thursday I had a presentation to give at Billboard’s Future Sound conference. I flubbed it a bit on stage but I’m happy with how the blog post turned out. Give it a read and let me know what you think. There’s an exciting Topspin biz announcement at the end.


Today started with the Jogathon at Lucinda’s school. Thanks to all who pledged. She rocked it. 14 laps is a mile and she ran 15 laps in the allotted 15 minutes. I think she’s ready for her 2.62-miler with Zoe in Sacramento in a couple weeks. Speaking of which, I’m three weekends from California International Marathon in Sacto, so I can’t let up on the workouts.


20-miler on Sunday in Santa Barbara…


Golden State CrossFit @ 5:30am Monday and Tuesday (yes, that clock is showing the time — see you there Monday morning?). 8 x 800 Wednesday.


Drop in at Lalanne in SF Thursday morning. 7 mile tempo run this morning.

I wouldn’t have made it through without killer coffee from:


Venice Grind




Blue Bottle


Elite Audio Cafe

THANKS TO ALL for a great week.



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