Mod Radio: “Move On Up”


My favorite thing to do with Pandora is create stations based on songs, rather than artists. Great artists have styles that span far more than can be stuck into a single style and most of the time I’m disappointed by the stations they turn up. Songs, on the other hand, have a particular feel, and it’s damn fun to pick an unusual song and see what Pandora drums up. Try the Pandora station for a song from Beefheart’s “Safe As Milk” or the Stones’ cover of “Just My Imagination”.

But some of my very favorite Pandora stations have come from taking the amazing CD compilations that come in Mojo every month and using the entire group of songs as a station seed. I’ve made a few and they rarely disappoint. I’ll post ’em for you here regularly if you don’t mind. Enjoy.

Today’s selection features the tracks from the November, 2012 issue of Mojo, “Move On Up”. Mojo’s description: “This month’s comp is no mod con as it includes two obscure Jam cuts and other bang on target tracks from acts including The Yardbirds, Laurel Aitken and Wilko Johnson.” To listen just click on the image above or right here.

Let me know how you dig it or if there’s a particular Mojo comp you’d like to see in this section in the comments below.



  1. Andy Weissman wrote:

    How do you make a Pandora station based on a selection of songs?

  2. iancr wrote:

    Hey Andy,

    Here’s what you do:

    1) Under “New Station” type in the first song name. This creates a station based on a single song.
    2) While the station is playing, click “Options” under the station name.
    3) You can change the station name here.
    4) Under “Track Seeds”, click “Add”. Add the other songs you want to add here.

    Got it?


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