SPINlist 20121031: Halloween Spinning Playlist featuring Bowie, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Ryan Adams, Warren Zevon, and more

My wife Julie teaches yoga (without music) for the most part, but occasionally she finds herself teaching what’s become her personal passion, spinning. She spins (get this) five classes between Saturday (2 in a row) and Sunday (3 in a row) alone. So maybe the word is “poison” rather than passion. Or maybe she’s just an indoor ultra-athlete. Either way, when she teaches spinning she obsesses over her playlists, finding tracks that fit a certain BPM (which gets called out during class) and sometimes (as in yesterday, Halloween) a theme. I’ll start posting her playlists here for your enjoyment and inspiration. Feel free to use them for your indoor ride, outdoor ride, or spin class.

Visit Julie at http://laprivateyoga.com.

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