WODlist 20121113

This morning’s playlist from the 5:30am class at Golden State CrossFit. Join us, Monday – Friday, 5:30am, West Los Angeles. Sure, getting out of bed is hard. But it wears off quick. By the time you’re into 800 meters of your warm up row you’ll be as good as if it were noon, if not better. And just think, by 6:30am YOUR WORKOUT IS FINISHED and you’re ready to attack the day. I promise you, it’s all downhill from here.

I really need to figure out why Spotify leaves out some songs when this moves from my computer to the computer at GSCF. WTF? Load this up in your Spotify. Do you see “He Got Game” and “Sabbra Cadabra”? Cuz they didn’t play at the gym this morning. D.A., help a brother out. Do I still have some magical “worldwide” catalog flag on my account everyone else doesn’t have? Need to solve this. It’s bad.

Also, learned this morning that Coach Jimmy (who is a fucking fantastic lifting coach but is a little prickly at 5:30am) needs a special playlist full of straight up Gym Rock (TM) along the lines of Bums and Hosers and Twisted Sister. I think it might be time for two weekly playlists, the one that I’m free to drop the new E40 into and the one I prepare for Tuesday which is all testosterone all the time.

Yes, I do take requests. Bring ’em on.



  1. Isaak wrote:

    Hi Ian, love your site and the variety of tunes you listen to.

    Would love it if you had just the one playlist and kept on adding or subtracting from it…. As I’m getting tired subscribing to every single playlist you make :)

    It would seem this is what the pro spotify’ers do.

    Cheers from Perth, Australia!

  2. iancr wrote:

    Thanks, Isaak! I appreciate the comment.

    I hadn’t thought of using a single playlist. I’ll give that some consideration.

    I kinda like the archive of old playlists, though. Some people may want to look back for some more songs or playlist ideas. Any thoughts on how best to get an archive the way you describe?

    Thanks again,

  3. Cynthia wrote:

    I think the Spotify thing (missing tracks) is when you pull in local files… They aren’t pulled from the Spotify DB so they don’t commute with you.

  4. iancr wrote:

    The kind folks at Spotify helped me solve the missing tracks thing. Turns out I did have a catalog issue from back when I was helping beta test Spotify years back. They give me a plain ol’ Spotify account so now y’all (at least anyone in the US) should be able to play any song I can play.

    Isaak, I have a solution for your issue. In addition to the hour long playlists I make for specific classes, I’m going to make a master WODlist you can subscribe to. That one will grow to be perfect to leave on in the gym 24-7. Just put it on shuffle and let it power your gym fo-eva.

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