WODlist 20121120: Rock Solid, from The Who and The Cult to The Melvins and Baroness

It’s tough to make Coach Jimmy happy at 5:30am but he’s definitely not feeling the rap rhythms. I don’t know much about what music he likes, but I do know the biggest thumbs up I’ve seen came from Turbonegro’s “Get It On” (good choice, tis an all-time great). So here’s a playlist meant to keep the class moving and Jimmy from changing the channel. Let’s see how it works.

Join me at Golden State CrossFit at 5:30am tomorrow for the experiment.



  1. Jim Vieceli wrote:

    Tuff playlist. Huge thumbs up on “Revolve” by Melvins – one of my all time faves. I may have to steal this one for my morning runs. Yup, morning runs!

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