Big Ups To Everyone Who Ran California International Marathon This Morning

Back in June I opened up my wallet and spent $100 to register for this morning’s California International Marathon (widely known as CIM). CIM is one of the top marathons in the world and one of the top five contributors of qualifiers to the Boston Marathon. It’s relatively flat and since it’s held in Sacramento in December the weather is usually cool and moderate, good conditions for a personal best.

This past Monday I had to drop out of the race due to a calf strain. I’ve been following along closely, though, particularly with a couple friends still running, and reading Facebook and Twitter right now it appears I may have picked an ok year to skip. I woke up to this:

Edward Aten ‏@aten:
@iancr you are missing a crazy one! Monsoon!

So I checked my friend Meredith’s Facebook page:

Gusts of up to 60 mph. The Weather Channel telling it like it is for the marathon this morning in Sacramento. Oh, and torrential rain with flooding. This is no longer a weather forecast. It is the weather reality for the race.

And now I’m following along with a Twitter search for #cim:

Mother Nature, what did runners do to deserve this?

Marathonaggedon at CIM this year

I hope CIM medical folks are prepared for lots of folks with hypothermia today

Yikes. Running a marathon is hard enough without conditions like these. I agree with this sentiment:

Anyone running CIM today is a total badass in my book.

I wish I was there to support, but I’m glad I’m not there with my daughters this morning. GOOD LUCK to all the runners. Please stay warm and safe.

On Monday the plan was for Lucinda and I to go visit Zoe in San Francisco this weekend, anyway. The tickets were booked and a weekend in the bay isn’t a terrible thing. But when we saw the weather forecast we reconsidered and swapped — Zoe came to Southern California for the weekend. We’re now at a friend’s place in Palm Springs. By contrast to the CIM we could have been at, this is the view we woke up to this morning:


Guess Amy Blackman had the right idea doing a Triathlon in Palm Springs today instead. Good luck out there this morning! See you at lunch!



  1. Edward Aten wrote:

    We missed you. Definitely lived up to the hype. First half was an amazing display of mother nature. Firecrews monitoring power lines on the sides of the course, homeowners pulling pieces of their trees out of the road, rivers of water pouring across the course.

    At mile 6 we turned straight into the wind and ran straight into it for something like 6 miles.

    A little after halfway the wind subsided but the rain continued until about 10:30.

    We missed you!

    One for the history books if not the record books.

  2. Jason Silverstein wrote:

    Toughest race I’ve ever done. Period.

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