Sincere Thanks to Jason Calacanis and This Week In

For the past year and a half I’ve hosted a sometimes-weekly show called This Week In Music. It came about after my appearance as a guest on two different shows on Jason Calacanis‘ This Week In network, Jason’s “This Week in Startups” and Mark Suster‘s “This Week in Venture Capital”. Jason had an overly-generic and ultimately-abandoned “This Week in Music” program and I convinced him to let me turn the show into something music-business focused.

It’s an exciting time in the business and I find myself having many conversations schooling me on the history of the business and how its various pieces operate(d) and hearing predictions of what’s to come. There are no end of great stories and colorful characters in this business. I’ve been blessed with access to some of these characters and it just felt like something that needed to be shared.

I wasn’t sure how it would work or if I could find the time but it seemed worth doing and I figured if I could get fifty or so of these interviews onto the Internet it would be a good contribution to the collective knowledge in the business and take the place of that book I’ll never have time to write.

But 52 episodes, it’s time for This Week In Music to find a new home. Jason announced on Friday he’s consolidating This Week In into his other baby, Launch.

I couldn’t have even attempted it without the help of the great folks at This Week In. They made it so I only needed to ride my bike to the studio, sit and chat about the biz, and leave. They provided the studio, a production team, research on guests, editing, posting to YouTube and I showed up for a conversation, chatted with someone I was interested in anyway, and then ran off while they did the hard part. I owe Jason, Will, Carolyn, Brandice, Mo, Jason D, and the rest of the crew a huge debt of gratitude for making this possible for me. I also owe Elisabeth Kines and Wayne Leeloy from Topspin big thanks for helping source and schedule guests. We managed small sponsorships from MOG and Sonos for a few episodes but there’s no possible way they made any money on my show. I really appreciate you giving me the platform to film and distribute these conversations. I’m sure you don’t hear the kudos as often as I do but I promise you your generosity helped raise the level of conversation a notch or two here and there. Thanks sincerely.

Truth be told, I wish I’d had more time to do a better job. The show was always a seat-of-my-pants sort of thing. I didn’t spend a lot of time finding guests and ideally I’d have had time to be more strategic about them. Jason D, I apologize I didn’t have time to make a more concerted effort to draw in sponsors. Lack of time is not equal to lack of desire to help! 😉

So now what? The shows will stay up and archived and I still have some great guests on top for 2013. I’m talking to Steve Rennie and J Sider about doing a monthly interview on the shows they do. Stay tuned!

Until then, please jump over here to check out some of the interviews we’ve done on the show over the past year and a half. Enjoy!



  1. Myke Bulley wrote:

    Thank you for this show Ian. I’ve played every episode and have gone back to some of the more memorable ones 10+ times. There are a lot of young people in the music industry (including myself) who really appreciate this kind of programming. Whether I’m listening at the office or on a run, the conversation topics and your knowledge of the business is nothing short of incredible. I really feel like I could walk up to any guest you’ve had on the program and have an intelligent conversation with them. Whether it be a moment from their past or their stance on a certain industry issue, I sincerely thank you for each episode.

  2. Jay Coyle wrote:


    You know how much I loved this series as you welcomed me a seat to so many cool chats that I would never get a chance to you gave me a list of people that I consider to be of like-mind in terms of passion and desire around the music biz. Episode after episode, I learned things and always found myself looking forward to learning even more about the careers and people you had as guests.

    Thanks for doing the show and I need to catch up on a handful of them now…

    Jay C.

  3. John Lucchetti wrote:

    This Week In Music was by far my favorite podcast in 2012. It kept me informed, entertained, and gave me a chance to geek out on the business side of music. Listening to it has truly been a gift.

    Thank you and congrats on your new ventures.


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