Grammy weekend run?

In town for the GRAMMYs? Join us for a long run Sunday morning, from my house in Santa Monica to the beach.

8:30am – 5 miler
9:30am – 8 miler

If others have kids maybe they can party with a sitter at our house?

If you’d like to join, leave a comment here or an @reply to @iancr on Twitter.

Hope to see you Sunday morning.



  1. nic wrote:

    I’m down for a slow 8 at 9:30.

  2. Rome wrote:

    Have a late bfast but will see ya at 8:30!

  3. Rafael wrote:

    I might join Ian.
    That’d be fun.

  4. Sondra W. Rosario wrote:

    ps – this past weekend my five year-old ran her first race, the kids half-mile at the Long Beach Turkey Trot. After I attempted pushing her in the stroller for the 5K. Crowded field on a boardwalk pushing a stroller — it was frustrating going trying to weave through the crowd and run a reasonable pace. After my daughter said, “You hit everybody.” I pleaded innocence, saying, “Not everybody!” She responded, “Well, most people.” So, apologies to anyone (everyone?) I ran into during that 5K. On Saturday Nicole , Miranda , and I ran the Santa Monica version of the Thanksgiving weekend run, The Gobble Wobble. I broke 20 minutes in the 5K but was 30 seconds slower than I’d hoped . It was a fun race, though, Nic and Miranda killed it!

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