“Rock n Roll Doctor, can I make a music recommendation for you?” Music Hack Day Fun


I’ve been answering my phone, “Rock n Roll Doctor, can I make a music recommendation for you?” all day, asking people what they’ve been listening to lately and attempting to steer them to something they may like but haven’t heard before. Why?

This weekend was Music Hack Day in SF. I participated along with Team Daisy. I was planning to just pitch in a little on one of my fellow hackers’ projects, but seeing the API demo from Twilio I was inspired to build something small on my own.

Using the Twilio and Topspin’s Artistliink APIs, I scripted a small phone tree:

Option 1: Get a music recommendation (just rings my cell phone)
Option 2: Leave a message for your favorite artist (allows you to choose an artist, leave a message, then get a thank you from the artist and a rare/unreleased track both via phone and text.

I reached out to a couple artists on Saturday afternoon asking for help and both Mike D and Trent Reznor and came through with a drop. Trent included an unreleased track from the upcoming How To Destroy Angels album, too. So there are only two artists on the “leave a message” option. Sorry. That’s what 24 hour hack days are all about!

Give it a try: (310) 299-8756

To get the free tracks, choose option 2 from the main menu, leave a message, then hit #. Your free track comes from there.

The Twilio APIs are awesome and so easy to use even I could pull this together, and the Topspin Artistlink APIs give access to content uploaded from verified artists (very useful and cool).

There were a ton of hacks at Music Hack Day this weekend, every last one of them cooler than mine. Check out the full list here: https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/music-hack-day-sf-2013/hacks


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  1. john palchak wrote:


    Jon Irwin: “The big new business opportunities, Irwin says, both lie with the collection of data about consumer behavior and with enabling artists to build much more intimate relationships with their fans.”

    Ian: Thought of your venture as I read this. Your team is way ahead here. Good luck! -John

  2. Ali Porter wrote:

    Hi Ian. This is fantastic. I was researching Daisy and general music streaming stuff for a grad school project and came across this. Embarrassing message left for Trent but loving the track! …got 99 problems and the ***** ain’t one…

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