2013 LA Marathon Hurt Me Lots

Just home from running the LA Marathon. I’m showered and, thankfully, walking again. When I walked in the door I could barely pick up my right leg to take a step, the combo of an injury from today’s run and being overly chilled.i

I started out as many do, feeling great, running too fast. I registered too late to get a corral seed so I crossed the starting line about five minutes after the gun. I was hoping to run with the 3:35 pace group today (my scheduled training run was a 20-miler at 8:11 min/mile pace). I ran fast at the beginning and after 8 miles I chased down my pace group. I ran with them, more or less, until around 19 miles, when a pain in my right leg was getting too intense. I walked. I ran. It hurt. A lot. I walked some more. Ugh. I walked most of the last 5 miles. My 3:30 finish turned into 4:04. Humbling.

Now I’m wondering about my BQ goal. 3:15 in May? At 40? With a PR of 3:23 and a fail after 20 at 3:30 pace? Seems damn unlikely.

But tomorrow is a new day. The list of things I need sleep on is long.



  1. Shifu wrote:

    imagine the human race. our past. our present, our future. the percentage of all humans born who even make it past 20. 30. let alone 40. imagine you, not just alive at 40 but with all teeth intact, with a healthy loving family, rewarding job, a contagious joy of life and a body that keeps running kilometer after kilometer at an impressive pace. you’ll enter the bq and perhaps you’ll meet your ideal time, perhaps not. does it matter so much? run for your life.

  2. Kristian wrote:

    ^^^ what Shifu said. I am 33 and can never see myself even attempting a half-marathon. you’re an inspiration at 40, ian.

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