93 ’til Infinity… Still

I have a lot of memories around Souls Of Mischief’s 93 ’til Infinity

I remember Chris Smith telling me definitively this is an important album. Which is why I bought it.

I remember a road trip — 5 states in less than 3 days — with Mark Thompson where Mark had a rule: we could each bring exactly one album. He brought Rocket From The Crypt’s Circa Now, I brought 93 ’til Infinity. On that trip we went to see Kim Howitt in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At a house party I watched Mark dance hilariously with some random girl, then leave the party running when she paused for a restroom break.

And I remember road tripping to Ohio with Kim Howitt and Rob Francis to see Souls of Mischief open for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe it’s just old-dude nostalgia but it’s hard not to feel like “hip hop” never got any better than that moment. Feels like the notion that hip hop could be anything and still be widely loved ended somewhere around that time.

So this nostalgia bomb in my email was welcome this morning, 93 ’til Infinity, remixed by Gummy Soul, from acapellas provided by Souls of Mischief:


  1. Jaime Macias wrote:

    This is the first album I ever bought. This was the cornerstone of the soundtrack to my freshmen year and many of my longest running friendships. I am loading this up to the ipod to give a thorough listen right now. Thanks for the tip.

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