Daily Listening: FISTFULAYEN VOL 8

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“There was abuse in my family, but it was mostly musical in nature.” – Terry Bohner, A Mighty Wind

If you love music, I hope you get the opportunity to meet my mom. Spend an hour talking to her about her favorite artists, albums, and songs and you’ll quickly understand the how and why I’ve been a record collector since the age of five. Right around the time we launched Beats Music my mom sent a CD to my seven year old of “yodeling songs” that was as good a playlist as you’ll find. I immediately thought — how do I get moms programming for Beats Music?

Similarly, if you follow my 23 year-old daughter on Instagram you’ll notice she’s at a show two nights a week. Working backwards, she was the general manager at MIT’s WMBR though she was perhaps best known for Zoe “I’m Zoe, I’m 13, this is my radio show” Radio on pirate radio in Los Angeles ten years ago (as seen in NYT, WSJ, SPIN, Elle Girl, and more). When she posted her “A Very Built To Spill Valentine’s Day” I said, oh man, I gotta get Zoe curating for everyone on Beats Music.

Now, pick up the phone and call me. I’ll put you on speaker so you can hear my seven year-old, Lucinda, rapping entire Nicki Minaj verses. Or maybe watch her mix M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” with Jay’s “Tom Ford” using Traktor DJ on the iPad. Or just look at Lucinda’s Beats Music profile page — I watched her and a friend compare Beats Music playlists over pizza the other night and I almost cried with joy. Beats Music is for the children!

I’ve been wanting to get this multi-generational playlist blog going for months. I couldn’t find the time, my mom still doesn’t have a smartphone, Zoe has lab work and live shows to tend to, PRs to break and a marathon to train for — but enough excuses. I’m recruiting my family, I’m recruiting some friends, I’m hiring help and we are going to try to bring you a playlist every day right here on FISTFULAYEN.com. Count on us. Check in daily for something to love.

I’m going to kick things off with Vol 8 in my “FISTFULAYEN” playlist series. Since the start of Beats Music I’ve been using FISTFULAYEN as the moniker for the genre-non-specific mix-tape-style playlists of what I’m digging at the moment. Some tracks are new, some are old, all are great.

FISTFULAYEN Vol 8 starts with Son Little, the artist currently making an album for Anti, full of soul and charm. Classics from Townes Van Zandt, Bunny Wailer, Bobby Charles, David Bowie, Girls Against Boys and Gregory Isaacs sit in between new tracks from EMA, Rick Ross, and Together Pangea. Plus there is a killer new Dylan cover by Built To Spill and a slice of mind-blowing 80s Italian new wave by Victrola. Take a listen and let me know what you dig.



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