FISTFULAYEN was started in 1993 in Bloomington, Indiana (as “Music Kitchen”) to convert rock stars’ money into fun. For $8.50/hour they built Web sites for everyone from Beastie Boys to John Tesh, making it the first company devoted entirely to Web design (excepting perhaps Charles Como‘s). “Design” is a bit of a stretch as you couldn’t yet change the background color of a Web page or run text down the side of an image, but hey, Mosaic for Windows was just released and Marc A was still at U of I. FISTFULAYEN resurfaced in 1998 in Topanga, California as a fulfillment company, selling goods from Rice and Beans, Geoff McFetridge, and even releasing a stellar hip hop record by Paranorm, Strictnine, and D.Evilman. FISTFULAYEN is reappearing in 2007 as the personal blog of its founder, Ian Rogers. How far we’ve fallen.