Apple Music and Beats 1 Launch Tuesday June 30th

I haven’t grown up much. I’m still that kid who started collecting records at age five (thanks, Danny, Michele, mom, dad), programming on an Apple II at age 8 (thanks, Mike), making mock radio shows on cassette at age 7 (thanks, Nate), went to vocational school for radio broadcasting at age 15, and started hosting […]

Today Was A Good Day: The Live 90s Hip Hop Playlist

If you’d have told the 20 year-old me in 1993 that I’d one day be trading emails with Jimmy Iovine and Paul Rosenberg about a playlist including Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Souls of Mischief, Pharcyde, Geto Boys, Nas, Bone Thugs, and a host of others I’d have laughed. But this happened, IRL. Even […]

Beats Music, On Your Phone Today

If you know me well you know that more than twenty years ago you would have found me sitting in a closet at Indiana University writing a NeXTSTEP app to allow you to search the card catalog and stream .au audio files across campus from an RS6000 server. This afternoon I’m sitting in an office […]

Beats Music, Coming in January

If you’ve spent any time around me in the past six months you’ve surely seen me buried in my phone making playlists, poking, prodding, and testing our forthcoming service, Beats Music. Sincere thanks to those who have been testing the private Alpha-turned-Beta along with me. We’re nearly ready for liftoff. Thanks to your diligent testing […]

Disconnect Your Music Service from Facebook Now

After too many comments on my Facebook for what Lucinda is listening to on Sonos via MOG, I’ve disconnected MOG from Facebook. This feature was always a bad idea. It’s as if Instagram uploaded every photo you take with your phone. It was, as Antony Bruno said, “Not a music discovery feature, it’s a music […]