Beats Music, On Your Phone Today

If you know me well you know that more than twenty years ago you would have found me sitting in a closet at Indiana University writing a NeXTSTEP app to allow you to search the card catalog and stream .au audio files across campus from an RS6000 server. This afternoon I’m sitting in an office […]

Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter

Sorry. I unfollowed you, and 1,500 others, on Twitter today. Please don’t take it personally. Now that we’ve lived with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others for seven plus years I’m starting to optimize how I use each. It was that or stop using them, and I’m no quitter. I’m optimizing Facebook is to keep up […]

“Rock n Roll Doctor, can I make a music recommendation for you?” Music Hack Day Fun

I’ve been answering my phone, “Rock n Roll Doctor, can I make a music recommendation for you?” all day, asking people what they’ve been listening to lately and attempting to steer them to something they may like but haven’t heard before. Why? This weekend was Music Hack Day in SF. I participated along with Team […]

SXSW Prep: Making Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus Battery Last All Day

I sent this tweet earlier today: A few people wrote back and asked what I was up to. This post is for you. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone. It’s an amazing phone. But it uses batteries like your laptop, so you need to be prepared. As such, I have 4 (yes, FOUR) […]

The Future of Fitness and Medicine? There’s an App For That.

For those just tuning in, I’m running my first marathon since 2002 in LA in March and raising money for Pablove. If you don’t mind, please head on over to my fundraising page and give a little something. Anything is appreciated. Thanks so much to David, Kether, Char, Liz, Mom, Alysha, and Gia for the […]