Dave Allen on Social Marketing

Dave Allen, former member of Gang Of Four and current Director Insights and Digital Media at Nemo Design contributed a great stream of consciousness essay on social media, blogs, and advertising to Nemo’s corp blog, Social Cache. Its only crime is that it combines many ideas into one post. Namely: 1) Social networking is not […]

I’ll Post Since Glen Won’t

Glen E. Friedman superpost! A few weeks ago photographer, idealist, and all around amazing guy Glen E. Friedman sent me an audio file of him being interviewed by Ian Svenonius at the Independent & Small Press Book Fair, at the Center for Independent Publishing in New York City. Glen E. Friedman and Ian Svenonius Interview […]

Kid Rock in Grand Royal Magazine, 1996

I have been called a Kid Rock apologist, and Silva‘s right, I am. But it wasn’t always this way. When Grand Royal Magazine was soliciting story ideas for issue #4 (circa 1996), I threw out the idea of a Kid Rock interview. I’m not exactly sure what I thought the story would bring, as far […]

Recording The Beatles

Wow. This is quite a book. When Paranorm, Alan, and I went to see The Family Stone in Anaheim, we bumped into Brian Kehew, who in addition to lucking into playing keyboards with The Who (!) spent eight years of his life painstakingly chronicling the recording techniques used to record each of the Beatles records […]

I’m too dumb for the New Yorker

The New Yorker is pretty hit or miss overall (this seems to be common knowledge) but is it just me or are the cartoons *never* funny? Par example: people sitting in a movie theatre, man in front turns around and says to the people behind, “You know you have the right to remain silent!” Yuckity […]