Beastie Boys Dolls, er, ACTION FIGURES finally available!

Back somewhere around the turn of the century, Nigo from Bathing Ape made these incredible foot-tall likenesses of MCA, King Adrock, and Mike D, pka The Beastie Boys. But the dolls weren’t cheap to produce and the boys just couldn’t bear the thought of charging collector prices for pint-size versions of themselves, even if they […]

Keeping Things Simple

A friend sent me this short Kurt Vonnegut piece on keeping things simple in the information age: Keeping things simple. I work at home, and if I wanted to, I could have a computer right by my bed, and I’d never have to leave it. But I use a typewriter, and afterwards I mark up […]

Planet Money on Pop Music, Preschools, and Bitcoin

I’ve been an avid Planet Money listener since its inception as an off-shoot from This American Life, but the last few weeks hit the bullseye for me with three very different shows all square in my interests: #1: A very convincing explanation of why the cheapest way to fix society is to give more kids […]

Rock Trivia, At Long Last

Thanks to the perseverance of Peggy Dold, tonight some of the finest minds in music trivia gathered at Topspin’s Santa Monica office to play a board game from 1983: Rock Trivia. I had this game when I was a kid * (I was born in 1972) and found it almost as hard today as it […]

Tis The Season

Kenny “The Tick” Salcido, partying with one of the biggest stars in history, Pt Dume, 2010 Happy Christmas eve, everyone. In lieu of a holiday card this year we released a sampler of music courtesy to some of the great bands who used Topspin in 2010. Stream by hitting play and download all the MP3s […]