Pablove + Zoe Across America: Finish Line Is Today!

[Zoe and Pablo's Father/Pablove Co-Founder/President Elektra Records, Jeff Castelaz] Truth be told, when Zoe told me she wanted to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles with Pablove Across America, I discouraged her. As her dad, I hate the idea of her on her bike with a bunch of jackasses in cars driving around. Then, [...]

Help Zoe Bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles

My twenty-two year-old daughter Zoe has signed up to ride a bike with Team Pablove from San Francisco to Los Angeles this October. She needs to raise $6,000 in donations for Pablove to participate in the ride. If you can help her out, please do by clicking here. Why should you? Well, I can think [...]

I’d Have To Be Crazy / The Joy of The Single (BBC Documentary)

As I’ve mentioned before, I pick a couple songs to listen to with six year-old Lucinda at bedtime. Tonight “I’d Have To Be Crazy”, sung by Willie Nelson, originally appearing on one of my dad’s favorite albums, The Sound in Your Mind. Take a listen. Like Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful”, I could listen to it [...]

You’ve Got Another Generation Coming

If there’s anything better than a six year-old dancing to Judas Priest in the mirror, I don’t know what it is. Happy Thanksgiving, ian

How Many Laps Can A Six Year-Old Run? Wanna Bet?

American kids are getting fat. They never move. They play video games. They watch TV. School lunches are Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Or so we’re told. Visit our six year-old Lucinda’s school between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning and you’ll find more kids than you can easily count running laps around their school [...]