Wolvesmouth Dinner Party Playlist

If you can find your way in to Craig Thornton’s Wolvesmouth it will be among the best meals you’ll have in your life (New Yorker, LA Times). The food is delicious and full of surprises. I’ll leave the wordy descriptions of all nine courses to someone more qualified to write about food. My advice: experience […]

Pressing On

Before I took a 2,000 mile motorcycle trip with my dad in July, Monster Children asked if I’d make a playlist for their ongoing playlist feature. I made a playlist I wanted to keep me company on the ride, wrote a few words, and turned it in. Listen to Pressing On on Apple Music here. […]

Americana Music Awards Setlist

Perhaps you had a chance to listen to the Americana Music Awards on NPR. If not, take a listen to this playlist which collects the songs performed on the show front-to-back. It’s not the specific performances from the show but a great playlist nonetheless. Also dig this stunning collection of artist portraits from the fest. […]

Common and No I.D. discuss “Nobody’s Smiling”

Lonnie Lynn Jr and Dion Wilson met in 4th grade growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Together they grew up and as young men produced three seminal hip hop albums as rapper Common and producer No I.D.. After those first three Common albums they parted ways and blossomed apart, No I.D. as a […]

Pulling Stars Out of The Sky

This is my failed attempt at making an electronic dance music playlist. What started out as a playlist that would solely be electronic music ended up becoming it’s own weird little journey that includes a wide spectrum of music where James Brown is only two songs away from Mazzy Star… find out how I made […]