WODlist 20121120: Rock Solid, from The Who and The Cult to The Melvins and Baroness

It’s tough to make Coach Jimmy happy at 5:30am but he’s definitely not feeling the rap rhythms. I don’t know much about what music he likes, but I do know the biggest thumbs up I’ve seen came from Turbonegro’s “Get It On” (good choice, tis an all-time great). So here’s a playlist meant to keep […]

WODlist 20121119: From Al Green to Tenor Saw with The Who, A Trak, and Ludacris in between

Not sure where you’ll be tomorrow morning at 5:30am — oh wait, I am — but I will be at Golden State Crossfit working my ass off to this playlist. Join me if you want tomorrow to better than yesterday. Always. By popular demand, I created an “Ultimate WODlist” playlist, too, so you can just […]

WODlist 20121113

This morning’s playlist from the 5:30am class at Golden State CrossFit. Join us, Monday – Friday, 5:30am, West Los Angeles. Sure, getting out of bed is hard. But it wears off quick. By the time you’re into 800 meters of your warm up row you’ll be as good as if it were noon, if not […]

WODlist 20121106: Election and Tribute to NYC Edition

Here’s this week’s CrossFit playlist, first heard in the 5:30am class at Golden State CrossFit this morning (WOD here!). Not only is this election week (hence the Alice Cooper and Hatebreed tracks) but it’s the inaugural week of 5:30am Monday through Friday at Golden State CrossFit. Thanks Golden State for answering the prayers of this […]

WODlist 20121101: Pretty Lights, The Clash, Bun B, Danzig, Death From Above 1979

This week’s playlist from the 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit. Next week the 5:30am class moves from two to five days per week. See you there? Hit me up, I have a free week unlimited pass for you. Playlist sounded pretty good today (DANZIG!!! I mean, yesterday was Halloween), though I can’t figure out […]