SPINlist 20121117: Ellie Goulding, Jay-Z, Rolling Stones, N.E.R.D., Hole, and more

Julie taught the 7am spin class at UpDog in West Hollywood yesterday morning. Above is most of her killer playlist. I say “most” because she played a couple of mashups not found in Spotify: Beatles vs. Oasis – Don’t Let It Be In Anger started off the set In the above playlist you’ll see Jay-Z […]

SPINlist 20121105: Radiohead, Petty, Dirtbombs, Bowie, and Ellie Goulding

Julie doesn’t have a regular class but she’s substituting as a spin teacher periodically at Updog in West Hollywood. Here’s her playlist from this past Monday. Enjoy!

SPINlist 20121031: Halloween Spinning Playlist featuring Bowie, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Ryan Adams, Warren Zevon, and more

My wife Julie teaches yoga (without music) for the most part, but occasionally she finds herself teaching what’s become her personal passion, spinning. She spins (get this) five classes between Saturday (2 in a row) and Sunday (3 in a row) alone. So maybe the word is “poison” rather than passion. Or maybe she’s just […]