SPINlist 20121105: Radiohead, Petty, Dirtbombs, Bowie, and Ellie Goulding

Julie doesn’t have a regular class but she’s substituting as a spin teacher periodically at Updog in West Hollywood. Here’s her playlist from this past Monday. Enjoy!

WODlist 20121106: Election and Tribute to NYC Edition

Here’s this week’s CrossFit playlist, first heard in the 5:30am class at Golden State CrossFit this morning (WOD here!). Not only is this election week (hence the Alice Cooper and Hatebreed tracks) but it’s the inaugural week of 5:30am Monday through Friday at Golden State CrossFit. Thanks Golden State for answering the prayers of this […]

WODlist 20121022: Big Boi, Kings of Leon, Black Sabbath, N.W.A.

I’ll fill in some blanks on this post later — for now here’s the playlist for tomorrow morning’s 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit. See you there. Postscript: Good playlist overall. I’m not sure how it ended up too short, I swear it was 60 minutes when I finished it last night. OH I think […]

WODlist 20121015 – Angel Haze, Turbonegro, Kevin Rudolf, Dumbsteppaz

Here’s the playlist we rocked in the 5:30am class at Golden State Crossfit this morning: Spotify as-promised. This definitely worked better than last week’s playlist. Good on the warmup. We didn’t start the metcon until the Shawnna track and we were well into the thrusters by the time the Dumbsteppaz track hit, HARD. I learned […]

Today’s WODlist: A Tribe Called Quest, Mash Out Posse, Iron Maiden, Fugazi, Bad Brains

Brandon and Kate at Golden State Crossfit were kind enough to let me make the playlist for today’s class. Some tracks sounded better than expected, others didn’t play well in the room. In particular, sparse hip hop production a la Gasoline Dreams and Droppin’ Em sounded bangin’. Fugazi and Bad Brains are just too noisy […]