How About This Instead of SOPA? My Proposal for Legislation to Proactively Combat Piracy While Encouraging an Open and Innovative Internet

Last week’s Internet-wide SOPA/PIPA protests divided the Internet between content owners looking for stronger anti-piracy tools and technologists who believed the proposed legislation was an overreach. Those opposed said SOPA/PIPA opened the door to content companies taking down sites such as Tumblr and WordPress based on infringement by even one of the sites’ millions of […]

“…look at me I’m skinny…” Diet, exercise, nature, and nurture

I’m a skinny dude. I was chunky for a bit around 4th and 5th grade, around the time my parents became shareholders in Wendy’s and I started eating bacon double cheeseburgers for dinner a couple nights a week, but that stopped and I went back to being a skinny guy for the rest of my […]

What Does America Have to Offer You Now, Morrissey?

From my favorite Morrssey album: “But where the president is never black, female, or gay / and until that day / you’ve got nothing to say to me / to help me believe” If you missed it, buy it now. Seriously. It’s great. I actually just bought that deluxe MP3 edition myself because it wasn’t […]

Our America

I’ve heard the cliche that my generation would eventually run the country repeatedly throughout my life. Tonight it actually feels like it came true. Instead of a well-connected elderly white war vet our country elected a well educated mixed-race midwesterner. Why? Well, partially because George Bush is the Worst President Ever (TM) but that wasn’t […]

Hilarity for Obama

Obama is already inspiring a nation, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. Change, indeed. See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die Bring on the change.ian