Blueberry Pineapple Chia Pudding: Bromelain for Tissue Repair

After this blog post about my calf strain my physical therapist, Meredith Soelberg, sent this article from University of Maryland’s Medical Center regarding bromelain as an aid for tissue repair. I hit the local health food store and grabbed a high potency supplement, but knowing “whole foods win” I grabbed a whole pineapple as well. […]

Fueling Long Runs/Marathons With Whole Foods Instead of Sports Drink and Gels

If you run half-marathons, marathons, or longer, you likely have a favorite sports drink and gel. Personally I found Accelerade drink mix and Gu Roctane gel shots do the job for me (especially the gel with caffeine). But the irony of jamming my body full of factory-packed sugar during an activity I’m doing for my […]