Beats Music, On Your Phone Today

If you know me well you know that more than twenty years ago you would have found me sitting in a closet at Indiana University writing a NeXTSTEP app to allow you to search the card catalog and stream .au audio files across campus from an RS6000 server. This afternoon I’m sitting in an office […]

Help Zoe Bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles

My twenty-two year-old daughter Zoe has signed up to ride a bike with Team Pablove from San Francisco to Los Angeles this October. She needs to raise $6,000 in donations for Pablove to participate in the ride. If you can help her out, please do by clicking here. Why should you? Well, I can think […]

Beats, Daisy, Topspin. Putting The Pieces Together.

I’m overdue writing a blog post saying THANK YOU sincerely to everyone for all the kind words I’ve received regarding the article about me in this month’s WIRED magazine. Those thanks should start with Brian Raftery, Rob Capps, and everyone involved on the WIRED side for making me look like a decent human being, passionate […]

Bones Brigade, Future Sound, Jogathon and More – The Week In Photos

Wow. What a week. Words couldn’t do it justice. Here’s a recap in video, images and photos: I started out last Friday at New Noise in Santa Barbara: sitting on stage next to Mr. Chuck D himself: Then Julie and I took six year-old Lucinda to see Saul Williams (education!): Saturday was the first day […]

Fuckin’ Forty

Yep. It’s here. Thanks everyone for the kind words today. I really appreciate all the well wishes. Thanks to Julie for an amazing surprise party a couple weekends ago, and to all who came, called, etc. Thanks to Jonathan Strauss and family for hosting. Special thanks to Kid Rock for this MP3 and permission to […]