Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Please take a read of Bob’s post regarding the release of Stacy Peralta’s new film, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, before you read the below.  Done?  OK!  Carry on… Laurent Martinsky and me outside Penguin Point, Goshen, Indiana, some time in the 80s My first skateboard was a present from a boyfriend of my mom at [...]

Lights: Skate Photography by Buzzy Sullivan

Buzzy Sullivan put 160 LEDs on a skateboard and photographed a few flip tricks with a 4-second exposure. The results are stunning. Discovered via Thrasher Magazine. See/read on Lenscratch or with the names of the tricks on Ornate Memoir.

It’s The Freestyle

In 1986 my dad drove Kris Kurtz and me to Chicago in his car, which at the time was an old mail jeep with aluminum riveted on over the rust and a little hole in the roof so it rained in the back of the jeep when it rained outside, to the Chicago Blowout skate [...]

Ian MacKaye on How Skateboarding Changed His Worldview

Skateboarder/photographer Atiba Jefferson has a new magazine simply called The Skateboard Mag. Each month they feature someone well-known in the non-skate world who also skates. Last month it was Teen Idols/Minor Threat/Embrace/Fugazi/The Evens/Dischord Records’ Ian MacKaye. To say Ian was a major influence on me would be an understatement. I’m sure I’ve already said this [...]

Topspin Board Meeting

As if I needed another reason to love my new job or feel like I’m the luckiest CEO on the planet, Peter Gotcher kicked off my first Topspin board meeting by presenting me with a custom Topspin skateboard. Finally, my own pro model? Thanks to Tim (throwing the shaka), Shamal, and Peter for making me [...]