Help Zoe Bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles

My twenty-two year-old daughter Zoe has signed up to ride a bike with Team Pablove from San Francisco to Los Angeles this October. She needs to raise $6,000 in donations for Pablove to participate in the ride. If you can help her out, please do by clicking here. Why should you? Well, I can think […]

SXSW Prep: Making Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus Battery Last All Day

I sent this tweet earlier today: A few people wrote back and asked what I was up to. This post is for you. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone. It’s an amazing phone. But it uses batteries like your laptop, so you need to be prepared. As such, I have 4 (yes, FOUR) […]

Do You Need That Gatorade? Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4 in my marathon training lead-up! Truth is I’m just looking for a reason to blog every week to remind people I’m raising money for Pablove while training for the 2012 LA Marathon. I’m over $700 from three blog posts with about 12 weeks to go. Any help getting to my goal of $2012 […]

Run It Off, SXSW

I know SXSW is supposed to be fun, but truth be told it’s mostly work for me. Last year the only music I managed to see (apart from GBC) was two songs from one band (the band was Twin Sister and I went on Yancey‘s recommend, and he was right, they were great). SXSW is […]

LA to SF? Southwest is best.

I fly Southwest from Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) nearly every week. Often people ask why I fly Southwest, their lack of assigned seating and first or biz class gets a bad rap as the air equivalent to taking the bus. But there are a pile of good reasons SWA is the only […]