Why I Unfollowed You On Instagram

The Social Network is Yesterday, The Interest Feed is Tomorrow Curation + Personalization In October 2011 I gave a presentation called The Race To Be Trusted. I was pulling on a thread handed to me by Andy Weissman regarding the evolution of Internet content distribution. In short: THE AOL ERA: Navigation via URL (e.g. http://cs.indiana.edu/~irogers). […]

Getting Ready for Americana Music Festival Next Week

If you love Americana music you need to be at Americana Music Festival in Nashville next week. 150+ live performances at historic venues starting with a star-studded award show at The Ryman — it’s up there with the best of the year. To get ready I asked my mom (@paulette on Beats Music — if […]


I’ve heard both sides for the arguments of punk being dead, or not dead, and I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty sure that it’s just resting. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite punk songs, but as you can see nothing newer than 2001… which is about when it took it’s nap for me. Let’s […]

For Today’s Workout: IRONMAN

[Yesterday Beats Music’s Head of Hip Hop/R&B Programming Carl Chery sent me this playlist — he knew it was my thing. Last night I took it on a test run, literally, four and half miles. I loved it and asked if he’d share it here. Enjoy. – ian] There‚Äôs a science to curating these playlists. […]

2013 LA Marathon Hurt Me Lots

Just home from running the LA Marathon. I’m showered and, thankfully, walking again. When I walked in the door I could barely pick up my right leg to take a step, the combo of an injury from today’s run and being overly chilled.i I started out as many do, feeling great, running too fast. I […]