2013 LA Marathon Hurt Me Lots

Just home from running the LA Marathon. I’m showered and, thankfully, walking again. When I walked in the door I could barely pick up my right leg to take a step, the combo of an injury from today’s run and being overly chilled.i I started out as many do, feeling great, running too fast. I [...]

Join Me Online or In Person at MIDEM’s Visionary Monday Tomorrow

Watch live streaming video from midem at livestream.com MIDEM asked me to host “Visionary Monday” this year, a day of talks and panels focused on engaging artists in the new music business. It’s an incredible day kicking of with Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO Kevin Roberts, continuing with artists Paul Van Dyk, Zoe Keating, and Mark [...]

Sleep Walking and Travel Running: Marathon Training Week 3

For those just tuning in, I’m training for the March 2012 LA Marathon and attempting to take some time each week to share progress and thoughts here. Hopefully a few people will enjoy them enough to contribute to my Pablove fundraising page in support. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far. I’ve raised more [...]

MOG CEO David Hyman on This Week In Music, Live from the New Noise Conference in Santa Barbara

An apropos follow-on to last week’s discussion of subscription music services with UMG’s Global Head of Digital Rob Wells comes an interview with the CEO of the MOG subscription service, David Hyman. This episode was recorded live at the excellent New Noise conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Enjoy!

Topspin, Act 2

In April of 2008 I left Yahoo! to join a brand-new and still-stealth company called Topspin. Founded by Peter Gotcher (Digidesign) and Shamal Ranasinghe, the vision which drew me in was one of building software which would do for media marketing what software had done for media production (ProTools, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, etc) in [...]