Sampled: Night Ripper Volume 1

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Highschool and college were my Girl Talk years…and, yes if I ever need to get a dance party started or don’t know what to run or bike to Girl Talk is my back up plan to this day. I’ve danced on stage with Girl Talk twice in Boston and those concerts are some of my favorite memories. But, those of you who love Girl Talk as much as I do, have probably spent some time playing the “Name That Sample!” game. Dad and I would drive around with the newly released Girl Talk albums and name as many as we could. Any way, I’ve always wanted to make this playlist, so here it is finally!!

I give you: Sampled: Night Ripper Volume 1; Listen on Beats Music.

Some, but not even close to all, of the samples from the first 4 songs on Night Ripper. This will turn into a 4 volume series eventually. Enjoy!!

-Zoe Rogers

Mojo’s Instant Glastonbury!

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Mojo is one of three music mags I read cover to cover each month. If you love music, subscribe to it. Seriously, one of the best investments you can make. You will thank me.

It’s an honor to have Mojo as a curator on Beats Music. Their playlists are consistently full of gems, check out their “Space Funk Freak-Out”, “Beyond Punk”, or “Moonbeam Songs” for an introductory listen or simply bookmark everything on their profile.

This week they supply us with a virtual Glastonbury, a playlist as epic and varied as the festival’s 2014 lineup. Live this weekend’s Glastonbury festival vicariously with Mojo.

Listen to Mojo’s Instant Glastonbury! on Beats Music

Your Silent Face

Listen to Your Silent Face on Beats Music

I’ve been listening to this playlist a couple nights a week for months — my go-to night-time, hotel room or at home. Give it a try in that window between knowing you should be asleep and actually being there.

Listen to Your Silent Face on Beats Music.


Mike D Guest Edited Monster Children #43

Listen to M D x M C on Beats Music

Issue #43 of Monster Children, guest edited by Mike D, launches June 16th. In this issue you’ll find Spike Jonze, Method Man, Ryan Sheckler, Dustin Yellin, Sage Vaughn, Rob Machado, and my conversation with Mike and Rodney Mullen alongside the stunning skate and surf photos you’ve come to expect from Monster Children.

To celebrate, Beats Music is sponsoring the Monster Children Issue #43 shindig in NYC. A Trak and D Nice are headlining, but this playlist, created by Mike D and me with some help from Jessie Kalikow, opens the show. See you there. Or if you can’t make it, enjoy the playlist.

Listen to Monster Children Issue #43 on Beats Music.


For Your Running Pleasure: A Half Marathon Playlist

Play Zombierunner Half Marathon Playlist on Beats Music

For your weekend running pleasure, I present a 2:46:48 (my approximate half marathon completion time) playlist. For your reading pleasure, let me tell you about my running adventure last weekend :)

I went up to the city for the Zombie Runner Half Marathon which takes advantage of the amazing and beautiful Costal Trail in San Francisco, winding along the beach, under the Golden Gate, and up and down some gnarly hills. This was my second ever half marathon. When I ran my first one last year I ended up injured and in physical therapy for a couple of months.

I drove up to the start on Sunday and there was not a soul in sight. After revisiting my registration email, I discovered that I was a day late to the race. I was super bummed, but I couldnt just let this awesome playlist go to waste! I threw on my headphones, put my hydration pack on my back, and followed the course as it was posted on the website.

Certainly not as fun as running with a crew of people, and the getting lost part didn’t help, but the music and amazing scenery got me through. (And injury free!)

So here’s the playlist. Get outside, run, and explore! Or rock out in your car, or your house, or at a bbq…etc. Happy weekend!

Listen to Zombierunner Half Marathon on Beats Music.